Final Score

Before i start i want to say good job on Firecat this guy won 1# in challenge (and a #### ton of others) and i thought i would just share that with you, i didn't play the game but it sure looks really good and i can see why people liked it. (get the game here its worth your time ^^). anyway while yeah i am disappointed about the results for Celestial and i am a tad frustrated with its place, This has given me motivation to step up my game for my next title. Sorry if i sound like a whining little B####, though i will admit i did pretty good for my first plat former. If there are any criticisms about Celestial please let me know, i want to improve and do my d### best on my other games. Anyway thanks for reading this and for everyone who participated in the TouHou game jam 4, i look forward to seeing you again, its been a pleasure being with you guys :)

~ Star

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